Basics of Medical Translation Course

دورة الترجمة الطبية

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USD 106
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About the instructor

DR. Abeer Elgohary
Pharmacist - Medical Translation Instructor

Pharmacist for more than 10 years of pharmaceutical experience

I went to a freelancing work as a medical translator, so I have got many advanced coursed in this field.

I worked as a Freelancer medical& general translator | proofreader | MT Post Editor | Reviewer at many leading Egyptian and international Translation Institutes|  Reviewer’s team leader at many Egyptian Academy for Medical Translation for more than 4 years, and  finally Medical Translation Instructor.

My main passion is to transfer a value through the translation learning process,  helping others to develop their skills more and more and get an independent career as a medical translator.

You Will Learn

You will learn from the program the principles and basics of medical and general translation by applying to the English Arabic linguistic spouse.

The principles of linguistic scrutiny with application will also be learned by examples of explanation and medical reports for training in the practical part of the course.

The course includes dealing with Microsoft Word programs and Microsoft Excel as essential translation tools.

You will practice dealing with reliable medical sites to derive translation from them, and also handle different dictionaries with ease.

You also learn to review, edit and linguistically evaluate translated files

and training in the establishment of a glossary of translated files as well.

The course includes training on tools to improve the drafting of translated medical files and access to professional translation quality.

Targeted Students

The program targets medical college students and graduates from medicine, pharmacy or physiotherapy, dental, science, nursing and other medical colleges.

as well as students and graduates of languages and translation

Anyone who is fluent in the language and possesses a good or medium level of language can also study the program.

Training Program Name As In Certificate

Basics of Medical Translation Course


Essentials of Microsoft Word Translation Training Program and the program will be scarce with the course too

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