An Introduction To Hospitality Management Course

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About the instructor

Mohamed Abdel Aziz Abed
Hospitality Management Consultant

Associate Professor, Hospitality Management Expert & Master Trainer

Was graduated from Collèges Des Frères Egypt, and then he joined the faculty of Arts 'Ain Shams University – French language and Literatures studies, where he has licensees. Then he got a higher Multi-languages translation Diploma, equivalent to a master degree, Ain Shams University. Afterwards he joined the faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management, Helwan University, where he prepared for a higher diploma in hotels management, then pre-elementary studies for the master degree, then he got his Master Degree in hotel management, also he prepared pre-doctoral studies in hotels management, and finally his PhD. Thesis in hotel management.

Has been promoted to an Associate Professor degree, at the Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management – October 6 University.

 He has 37 – years of experience in management and rooms division, since 1987. He started his career in Sheraton Hotels Egypt. Then he moved from one chain hotels to another, gaining new experiences about Business hotels, exclusive hotels and Finally Mega Resorts.

Moreover, he worked in a variety of International Hotel Chain such as: Sheraton, Le Meridien, Melia, Forte Hotels and Domina, where he experienced the American, French, Spanish, British and Italian Management companies. Also he was teaching Hotel Management in several reputable universities all over Egypt.

He edited many books concerning hotel Management:

  • The Front Office Contemporary the New Millennium
  • The House Keeping Contemporary the New Millennium
  • The Banquet and Conventions Contemporary the New Millennium.
  • The Hotel Management Contemporary the New Millennium.
  • Les Correspondences Touristiques.
  • Front Office for "Job Seekers". (Freshly graduated).
  • The Rooms Division “Supervisory Level”.
  • SPA Management
  • Guest Psychology & Customer Care
  • Marketing in Hotel Industry
  • Human Resources in Hotel Industry
  • Information Technology Applied in Hotel Industry

He also participated in editing the Front Office Skills Development book and finally he edited the Front Office Management book, which he considers it his chef d'œuvre.

He has excellent command of some foreign languages such as French and English, beside a good background about Italian also. Furthermore, he has strong leadership, presentation and excellent training skills.

He started to help the job seekers by launching his group “Hoteliers in Red Sea” on Facebook, where he posted thousands of job vacancies for everyone who needs a job either in hotels or in travel agencies. He also helped several hotels to find the suitable candidates and the required manpower.

He conducted hundreds of training sessions for the tourism sector for developing line, middle and management level’s skills, as a training consultant “Egyptian Tourism Federation” or as a “FreeLancer Training Consultant”.

He worked also as an expert for the “TVET” The technical, vocational, educational training, for the reform of education in EGYPT. Also as a consultant for “ILO” The International Labor Organization.

A member of the Egyptian Delegation to (Edinburgh Scotland), for the launching of the new programs: Customer care & Green Hotels. 2013

Also a member of the supreme council for the reform of the education system, and Head of the executive committee (Technical Education Development)” Red Sea Governorate

Live participating in several T.V. programs discussing the different challenges facing the Tourism industry in Eg

The hospitality sector is one of the most important economic sectors in the world, contributing significantly to GDP and creating jobs for millions of people. Hotel management plays a pivotal role in the success of the sector, ensuring an exceptional experience for guests.

What is the importance of hospitality and hotel management?

Provide an exceptional experience for guests: Hotel management focuses on meeting guest needs and providing excellent services, creating a positive experience that encourages them to come back.
Creating jobs: The hospitality sector is a major source of job creation, employing millions of people in various fields, such as hotels, restaurants and tourism businesses.
Investing in the future: Investment in the hospitality sector is an investment in the future, contributing to the development of the economy and raising the standard of living.

You Will Learn

The nature and structure of the hospitality management

How to differentiate between the types of hotels and resorts

What are the different types of Organization chart in a hotel?

Knowing about the different departments in any given Hotel

Targeted Students

  • Hotel Management students
  • Existing workers in the hospitality industry
  • People looking for a job in the hospitality industry
  • People looking to know more about the hospitality industry
Training Program Name As In Certificate

An Introduction To Hospitality Management Course

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