Medical record course

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About the instructor

Dr. Rabab Abulkheir
Healthcare quality, clinical governance and medical records specialist
  • Paediatric dentistry specialist at Mansoura university
  • Quality ,patient safety and medical records specialist with 5 years’ experience
  • Member of medical record committee at General authority of healthcare headquarter
  • Member of clinical governance committee at General authority of healthcare headquarter
  • Many successful accreditation of primary healthcare facilities and hospital


Academic and professional degrees:

  • Bachelor degree of dentistry
  • Paediatric dentistry diploma
  • TQM
  • MQM

A key part of health care, medical records management is the collection, organization, preservation and protection of health information for patients, providing the information necessary for physicians, nurses and other health care providers to make appropriate treatment decisions.

Medical records management encompasses a wide range of tasks, including:

  • Collecting medical data from patients, doctors, nurses and other health care providers.
  • Organize medical data in a way that facilitates access and use.
  • Keep medical data safe and secure.
  • Protect medical data from unauthorized access, use or disclosure.

Medical records management plays an important role in ensuring quality health care. It helps ensure that health care providers have the information necessary to make appropriate treatment decisions. It also helps improve patient safety by minimizing medical errors.

Medical records management is a critical process for the health care system. It helps ensure quality of health care and patient safety. As technology advances in health care, electronic medical records management is becoming increasingly electronic. Electronic medical records management systems allow the collection, organization, preservation and protection of medical data in a more efficient and secure manner.

You Will Learn

  • Definition and key purposes of the medical record
  • Main sections of the medical record
  • Basic principles of the medical record
  • Content of the medical records
  • Forms of the medical record
  • Medical records policies
  • Medical records procedures
  • Filling of the medical records
  • Medical records department
  • Medico legal issues of the medical records
  • Hospital statistics
  • Chapter IMT of GAHAR accreditation standards
  • Coding of diseases and interventions
  • Medical records committee

Targeted Students





5-Medical records department heads and workers  

6-Healthcare quality specialists

Training Program Name As In Certificate

Medical record course

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