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About IGTS: 

IGTS offers educational courses in the healthcare or medical fields available online, which include opportunities for interaction between the instructor and the student, the student with fellow students, individual assessment of student work and certificates for students who demonstrate mastery of study topics.


Online Code of Conduct:

You agree that you are fully responsible for your use of the website and the materials that are published through your username, including all the content that is provided, published or distributed on the site by you or by other users of the site, including but not limited to, all posts within the forum, notes, questions, comments, videos, and file uploads ("User Posts"). You also agree to your use of the site in compliance with the agreements and all local, regional and international laws and applicable rules and regulations, including copyright laws, and any laws relating to the transfer of technical data exported from your country of residence.

You hereby pledge, as a condition of your use of the services provided by IGTS through its website, that you will not use the site in any way that aims to offend, disable, hinder or overwhelm the IGTS server or IGTS network (s) connected to any of its servers or interfere with any third party using the site. You may not attempt to gain unauthorized access to the site, other accounts, computer systems or networks connected to any IGTS server through hacking and password recovery or any other means. You may not obtain or attempt to obtain any materials or information stored on the site, or any of its servers or computers associated with it through any means that were not intentionally made available through the site.


The following list shows the materials that are strictly prohibited from circulating on the website:

Content that defame or threaten others

Content that discusses illegal activities

Content that infringes the intellectual property of a third party, including but not limited to, copyright or trademarks

Sexual, pornographic, immoral, inappropriate, or unauthorized content

Advertising or any form of commercial advertising

Contents related to political and party activities

Viruses, Trojans, worms, time bombs or corrupted files, malware and spyware or any other similar software that may harm the work of a computer or other property

Content that contains information that is inaccurate intentionally or that is published with the intention of misleading others.

Furthermore, you agree not to attempt to collect information or download any content from the site’s content, including but not limited to the system’s user’s list or directory, online textbooks, user posts or personal information. You agree not to misrepresent or attempt to misrepresent your identity while using the site.


Any violation of the above prohibited list items authorizes IGTS to terminate your use, access or participation on the site without prior notice.


User accounts and authorities 

To take advantage of the full participation in the activities and services provided by IGTS on its website, you must provide us with your name, email address and user password to create a new user account (which is referred to as a "user account"). You agree that you will never disclose or share your access to the site or share your user account information with any third party for any reason. While creating your user account, you may be prompted to enter optional additional information (for example, your address). You state that all information provided is accurate and up to date. You agree to update your information to keep it accurate.


Confidentiality and security of information: 

We care about the confidentiality and security of your personal information. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information on what information IGTS may collect about you and how IGTS uses that information. Your access to the site is an indication that you agree to the collection and use of your information by IGTS.


Your right to use the content on the site:

All contents of the website are protected by the Law of Intellectual Property Protection Law No. 82 of 2002, unless it is stated as public property.

All texts, exams, videos, pictures and other educational materials provided with the courses offered on this site are for your personal use only in relation to those courses, unless otherwise expressly stated. 

You can use some reference documents, digital textbooks and other information on the site for permission by third parties, so this information is used for certain rules and conditions that will be published along with this information. You hereby pledge, and by using this site, to abide by all these rules and conditions.

You agree to maintain all copyrights and other notices concerning any content you obtain through the site. All rights of this site and its content are reserved to IGTS


User posts:

Pledges and guarantees of user posts: Despite the list of materials that are strictly prohibited from circulation on the site as shown, and related to the provision or distribution of your user posts, you confirm, represent and guarantee (1) that you have the necessary rights, licenses, approvals and permissions to republish User posts on the site and allow IGTS and its users to reproduce, modify and publish the use and distribution of your posts in a manner consistent with the licenses granted to you in these terms, and (b) you will not violate or violate the rights of any third party by your introduction For your user posts Or your use of the licenses granted below. You, and not IGTS, are responsible for your user posts and the consequences of sharing them with others or posting them on the site.


Grant a license to IGTS:

By submitting or distributing your User Publications, you grant IGTS worldwide a non-exclusive, transferable, assignable, and sub-license fully paid, i.e. any consideration, permanent, and non-refundable license to host, transfer, perform, produce, distribute, perform, distribute, distribute and re-license Other than that use, make use of your user posts, in whole or in part, in any form and in any form of media, and through any media channels (now known or to be established later)

Granting License to Users: You are granted, according to what you provide or what you distribute from your user posts, all users of the site (“User (s)”) a non-exclusive license to access your user’s postsrelated to their use of the site and only for their personal purposes.


Certificates, etc.

IGTS provides on the site a certificate of completion to study on any of the courses available on the site or other approval (it is referred to as a "certificate") for students who, at their discretion, may appear to have mastered the course material in the relevant course. Certificates will be issued by IGTS under the name of the relevant institutions.



The name and logo of “IGTS” are trademarks of Mediu.net. You may not use any of the IGTS trademarks, or any of the aforementioned, without the prior written consent of the owner of the relevant trademark. You may not use any of the IGTS trademarks, or anything similar to the aforementioned, for promotional purposes, or in any form that may be claimed or implied, intentionally or unintentionally, or that appears or give the impression of a relationship or endorsement by IGTS which is at the discretion of the organization concerned From.

No content from the content on this site should be construed as conferring, implicitly, bylaw or otherwise, any license or right to use any trademark displayed on the site without the written permission of the owner of the relevant trademark.


Refund policy:

Provides the nature of the product, the retrieval service is not available in IGTS after the payment and participation of the user in any of the courses available on the site, all sales for the courses available on the IGTS website are final sales and the customer is not entitled to request a refund of the amount paid


Paid course pricing:

By participating in any of the paid courses available on the IGTS website, you agree to pay the value of the course and allow us to accrue the amount displayed on our website from your electronic card or any of the payment methods to do

In the event that a payment is made on our website, the personal data that is requested from you through our website is forwarded through a secure connection to the electronic payment service provider that IGTS deals with.

The electronic payment card holder must keep a record of the transactions that took place on our website through his electronic payment card

IGTS accepts electronic payment via Visa, MasterCard or any electronic payment card, and IGTS is entitled to the amount agreed upon and mentioned on our website in the agreed currency

All prices shown on our website are tax inclusive.


Waiver of security / limits of responsibilities:

The site and any information, content or services available on or through the site are provided "as is" and "as available" basis without warranty of any kind (express, implied or otherwise), including, but not limited to, any Implicit guarantees of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and not violating it, except for guarantees similar to these that may not be waived in accordance with applicable laws.

IGTS and its participants (as defined below) do not guarantee that the website will operate without interruption or error-free, that the site is free from viruses or other harmful components, or that the courses or the content provided will meet your needs or expectations. IGTS or any of its participants does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, permanence or quality of the site, courses, content, or the continuity of the availability of any educational courses or any specific content. "IGTS Participants" means entities that provide information, content or services to the site, trainers, all employees, and assistants.


The use of this website, and the content and services obtained from or via the site, is at your own risk. Your entry to or downloading of any information, materials or data available through the site or any of the reference sites is under your guarantee and risk and you will be solely responsible for any damage to your property (including your computer system) or any data loss that results About downloading or using these materials or data, unless otherwise stated in IGTS'sPrivacy Policy.


Links to other sites:

The site may include links to other websites maintained and managed by other people. IGTS or any IGTS Participant is not responsible for surveying, approving, reviewing, endorsing the contents or using any of the products or services that these other websites may provide. If you decide to access websites linked to third parties, you do so at your own risk.


You agree to the fullest extent permitted by applicable laws that IGTS or any IGTS participant is not responsible for any loss or damage, whether real, logical, or related to or related to these terms of service provision, your use (or use of any third party) or Inability to use the site, the content placements on the site, or your own reliance on information obtained from or via the site, whether your claim is based on a contract, damage, law, or otherwise.

In particular, to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, Meduo will not assume any further obligation in relation to the platform.