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Arab Pharmacists Union

The Union of Arab Pharmacists was founded in Jerusalem in 1966. It includes the Arab Pharmaceutical Syndicates and Societies Member of the Council of Arab Health Ministers, League of Arab States.
The Arab Pharmacists Union accredits both the specialties of therapeutic nutrition and health management in all its specialties and a contract was made through the Medio platform for health education, which is an approved platform to provide programs in all health specialties.

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HRCI is the premier professional credentialing organization for the human resource management profession. For more than 40 years, HRCI has set the standard for worldwide HR mastery and excellence. The HRCI suite of seven HR credentials represents various levels of HR knowledge, skill, and practice-based experience the HRCI vision is the advancement of HR practitioners, people, and organizations.

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Saudi Embassy

The International Group for Training Services provides its students with the verification service by ratification of the American Institute for Training and Administration and Stanford International University certificates by the Saudi Embassy after ratification from the US Department of State, the notary public and the state governor

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Stanford University

It is an American distance-learning university specialized in providing professional studies that works to support training institutions in innovative and professional ways It is one of the leading professional bodies in the world to provide degrees of accreditation to institutions and companies working in the field of training and education The university offers a range of career-focused programs with the highest level of professional excellence and a variety of training programs. It also offers a wide range of professional degrees that cover all professional programs. The programs from the university are also accredited, as they are ratified by the United States notary public and the governor of the state, and are ratified by the US State Department

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US State Department

The US State Department certifies the official documents and documents affiliated with it or those of the governments of the various states, confirming the authenticity of the papers and documents, and it is an important step to prove the authenticity of the document officially for ratification in some of the different embassies

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The American Institute for Training and Management is one of the best professional institutes globally and within the United States of America through its accreditation by official bodies and authorities within the United States of America, such as the American notary, which is an official body affiliated to the state government and the state governor in which the institute is located within the United States of America to be able to Obtaining the US State Department in Washington, DC, which is the highest official body ratifying the institute within the United States of America. Then, ratifications are available through Arab embassies. The certificates issued by it are accepted as professional professional programs through the accreditation of more than 200 different training programs

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Smart & NHRA

The National Health Regulatory Authority (NHRA) is an independent regulatory body established in 2009 by Law No. 38 of 2009. The mission of the NHRA is to regulate the provision of health care in Bahrain and to ensure relevance, continuity, efficiency and safety in the provision of health services, both in the public and private sectors. . Based on the best scientific evidence and best healthcare practices, and according to international standards. The National Authority is responsible for implementing and developing health regulations in the public and private sectors in the Kingdom of Bahrain. This includes regulatory actions related to the licensing of healthcare facilities including; Hospitals, medical centers, private clinics, allied professions centers, and pharmaceutical centers; As well as licensing healthcare professionals within these facilities. The authority is also responsible for registering and pricing medicines, licensing pharmaceutical factories, granting approvals in connection with conducting clinical trials, investigating claims of medical errors, and holding disciplinary hearings for health professionals in the Kingdom.
The platform offers NHRA accredited programs in cooperation with SMART Company in Bahrain for a number of health programs.

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Meduo is an E-learning platform that provides various training courses in the fields of healthcare. We aim to upgrade medical education through providing an educational experience with the highest quality, highest responsiveness to the needs of healthcare workers, modern techniques and provided by the best instructors in the field of healthcare.We provide a modern learning experience that actively engages your employees and offers a seamless and satisfying educational journey.

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The National Quality Institute

The National Quality Institute is one of the bodies of the Ministry of Industry and Foreign Trade. The Minister of Trade and Industry inaugurated the National Quality Institute in January 2006 as one of the requirements of the national quality plan within the framework of the Industry Modernization Program. The decision of the President of the Arab Republic of Egypt was issued in 2012 to consider the National Quality Institute as a public service body, as one of the bodies supporting the public and private production and service sectors in the field of quality, and it has an independent legal personality that follows the Minister of Industry and Foreign Trade. It is also one of the main pillars of the national plan to disseminate the concepts of quality in Egypt, as it is the body responsible for spreading the culture of quality in the various work institutions and for developing national standards that are in line with international standards for restructuring training institutions and improving the quality of their operations and outputs in a manner that leads to gaining trust. community, and increase its competitiveness locally and internationally. In continuation to the platform (IGTS) endeavor to exchange scientific and practical experiences and spread the culture and concepts of quality, and we have always been keen on success, International Group For Training Services (IGTS) was approved on September 9, 2022 as an accredited and qualified training institution by the National Quality Institute, in accordance with the quality management system and international and global standards, where the Institute disseminates culture and concepts Quality in the Egyptian society in all its sectors. It also works with local and international bodies to transfer information and technology.