Dr. Sayed Hammad
Assistant Professor Of Nutrition

About Instructor


Dr. Sayed is an assistant Prof. of Nutrition at the National Nutrition Institute, Cairo, Egyp. Dr. Sayed holds a PhD in Nutrition and Food Science, June (2012), Master of Nutrition and Food Science, June (2000)& Bachelor of Nutrition and Food Science, May (1994).
He has worked as a nutritionist at the clinical nutrition department of the National Nutrition Institute then he has become a Lecturer of nutrition& then an assistant Prof. of nutrition From October 2018 till now.
He teaches at training and development units at NNI, MOH, GOMH, and GOTHI. Also at Egyptian fellowship of Clinical nutrition for physicians and in Pediatric clinical nutrition courses at many medical Syndicates &  in clinical nutrition, obesity management, and sports nutrition courses at many teaching academies and centers. 


Additional Information


Moreover, he is a supervisor for many master & doctoral thesis related to clinical nutrition.  He is also a nutrition consultant and Committeeman of nutrition quality and food safety committee at General Organization of Teaching Hospitals & Institutes & he is a Vice president of Media unit at the National Nutrition Institute.
He has participated as a nutrition Consultant with many national and international organizations like FAO, WHO, UNICEF, USAID, CID, CARE, and CEOS adding to his national & international publications.
Dr. Sayed has participated as a speaker in many conferences &  he is also a member of many nutritional and scientific societies like the Egyptian Society for Nutrition, Clinical Nutrition Specialist Association, Egyptian Association of Continuing Medical Education Development (EACMED), Arab Society of Therapeutic Nutrition and Complementary Medicine (ASTN.CM) and Egyptian Syndicate of Scientific Professions.