The Cosmetics formulation course

كورس صناعة مستحضرات التجميل

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USD 106

About the instructor

Dr. Sermina Ezzat
Cosmetic Formulation Consultant and Instructor
  • cosmeceutical compounding Diploma approved by the Pharmacists Syndicate
  • Diploma of skin & hair care certified by ODLQ council (UK)
  • Cosmetics formulation diploma Certified by the (American Institute)
  • Diploma advanced cosmetics formulation approved by the Pharmacists Syndicate.
  • Finish the postgraduate studies (biology & analytical chemistry diploma) with excellent degree.

You Will Learn

  1. SKIN

We will learn (Skin composition, our skin needs & how to build routine for your skin, Skin types , the methods to know your skin type)

  1. HAIR

We will learn (Hair composition, our hair needs & how to build routine for your skin, hair types & hair cycle , Hair porosity)


We will understand (The meaning of the emulsion (cream), Types of emulsions (cream) , how to using of different types of the emulsion in cosmetics products)


We will learn (The meaning of the surfactant, Types of surfactants, How are the surfactant works?)


(distilled Water, oils (natural oils & mineral oils), waxes filling & emollient ,waxes, emulsifying , humectant , preservatives & antioxidants ,surfactants, conditioning agents , PH adjusters, thickners , the famous active ingredients)

*in each category we will learn all about its meaning, using, safe percent, types, condition of use  ,efficacy and how to use them to make all cosmetics products.

  1. We will learn, How to begin your first step of your cosmetics brand?
  2. We will learn all related information to build your lab and business (requirements , tests & adjustments ,devices , instructions, supplier)
  3. The cosmetics formulation
  • (Learn how to formulate your cosmetic products by yourself with our formulation guide secrets, we will learn how to create all types of the cosmetics products with (ready formulation – procedure) and help you to use your imagination to create the newest products for your own brand.
  1. The important measurement related to cosmetic manufacturing (pH)

(learn the using devices ,the method ,important related information)

  • Harmful cosmetics ingredients to avoid in your product (we will learn about the most harmful ingredients in cosmetics ,the cause of harming , the alternative)
  • The famous active ingredient like (retinol , vitamin c , Panthenol , niacinamide ,caffeine , hyaluronic acid ) we will study types , the using , suitable pH and how to make products with them .
  • We will learn how to test your skin and your hair to determine your hair and skin type for right routine.
  • We will learn a lots of definition related to cosmetics like (hair porosity and comodogenicity of oils??)
  • We will study the different types of oils, it's using and which oil is suitable for your skin type.
  • Our course gift, we will give you a lot of ready formulation, which are pass the testing and with highest efficacy & safety to start with them without losing your chemical on trying, to start your brand now.
  • After this course, you will love the cosmetics and will be ready to have your own brand, let's create!!

Targeted Students

Student or graduated  - scientific background or not

(all will learn the cosmetics)

  • any person love the cosmetics field and want to learn about it
  • any person want to make its private business in cosmetics field
  • any person tired from buying the expensive product and prefer to make them
  • any one hope to know the safe to use and harmful ingredients in your cosmetics product to avoid in your preferred  product
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