Shoulder Girdle Assessment and Treatment

اضرابات مفصل الكتف وعلاجه

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About the instructor

Dr. Mostafa Mahmoud

Doctor Mostafa is a Physical therapy speaker and trainer for postgraduate physiotherapy.He graduated from faculty of physical therapy in 2008 & obtained his MSc in2016 &Now Ph.D.He is a Certified mulligan practitioner& manual therapist practitioner, Certified dry needling practitioner & Certified level1 maitl, and 160-course hours corresponding to 9 ECTS and 200 continuing education unite in Germany. He is also a certified training of trainers TOT

You Will Learn

  • Describe shoulder girdle functional anatomy & biomechanics
  • Analysis of shoulder movements
  • Describe the relationship between muscle imbalance and functional performance of the shoulder.
  • Describe different shoulder disorders
  • Perform a comprehensive examination of the shoulder complex, including history, palpation of the articular and soft tissue structures, specific passive mobility tests, passive articular mobility tests, and special tests.
  • Intervention strategies based on clinical findings
  • Manual therapy for shoulder girdle
  • Exercise prescription for different shoulder disorders

Targeted Students

استشاري العلاج الطبيعي

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