Endodontic emergency cases and management

حالات الطوارئ الجذرية و كيفيه التعامل معها

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About the instructor

  • I studied dentistry at Pharos University in Alexandria through the American Lotus scholarship, and it is an institution responsible for leadership and management.
  • I graduated from the university in 2016
  • I gave theoretical courses to students in different universities
  • Master's degree in root canal treatment at Suez Canal University

You Will Learn

The doctor will become familiar with types of dental emergencies, such as acute and chronic dental nerve inflammation and complications.

How to interact with patients suffering from these conditions: The doctor will learn how to handle dental emergency cases, including calming and pain relief techniques.

A straight forward and clear method for diagnosing these cases and distinguishing between them: The doctor will learn how to diagnose dental emergency cases using appropriate tools and methods.

How to individually manage each case, including administering anesthesia, pain relief, and providing treatment and follow-up after each visit: The doctor will learn how to handle each case individually, including administering anesthesia, pain relief, appropriate treatment, and post-visit follow-up.

In general, this training course will help the doctor acquire the necessary skills to effectively deal with dental emergencies, contributing to improving the quality of healthcare provided to patients.

Here are some examples of what the doctor can learn from this training course:

How to diagnose acute dental nerve inflammation based on symptoms such as severe pain and pain spreading to adjacent facial areas.

By acquiring these skills, the doctor will be able to provide appropriate care to patients experiencing dental emergencies, helping them recover quickly and without complications.

Targeted Students

  • General dentist
  • Dental student
  • Endodontist
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