Cancer & Chemotherapy

السرطان والعلاج الكيماوي

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USD 106

About the instructor

Dr. Tarek Mostafa
Pharmacist and Community Pharmacy Instructor

Perform the procedures of analysis of different products.
Confirm the quality measurements and safety items.
Measure the different parameters using different devices.
Like: HPLC & GC & IR
Perform the needed certificates with the analysis results.
Use the ORACLE software to organize and record the data.

You Will Learn

Cancer Definition & Etiology

Cancer Tumor markers

Risk factors & side effects


Chemotherapy classification:

-Alkylating Agents


-Cytotoxic antibiotics (anthracyclines)

-Topoisomerase inhibitors

-Microtubule inhibitors (Vinca & taxanes)

-Endocrine therapy

-Monoclonal antibodies

-Tyrosine kinase inhibitors



Mechanism of action of each family

Side effects & cancer type effectiveness

Trade names of each class

Targeted Students

1- medical colleges (students & Graduates)
2- pharmacy students
3- medicine students
4- biotechnology students
5- science students

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