Family Counselor Skills Course

دورة الارشاد الأسري

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( General - Specialized )

USD 106
USD 32

About the instructor

Dr. Sherif Shehata
International training expert and Islamic preacher
  • Certified International Training Expert from the IFADUI World University Federation
  • Consultant for Training and Development in the Ministry of Youth and Sports - not a government job
  • Consultant for Training and Development in the Al-Azhar Mosque
  • Consultant for Training and Development in the Ministry of Higher Education - not a government job
  • Consultant for Training and Development in the Syndicate of Journalists
  • Consultant for Training and Development in the Tourism Chamber
  • Consultant of the Arab Federation for Educational Training
  • American Board in Mental Health, Coaching and Leadership Development
  • American Board in Global Trainer Training and International Training Standards
  • Human Resources Management Certificate from Ain Shams University and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Have you ever wondered what family counseling means and what are the most important goals that it is intended to achieve, and this field contains a lot of important scientific experiences and applications that make the individual a professional family counselor, able to provide advice and advice to families and individuals on the verge of marriage, and this field is considered very important because it contributes to the happiness of families, and this is because it relates to family problems and works to solve them, so you can have a family counseling course, which we will talk about in the next paragraphs.

You Will Learn

- Acquisition of family counseling skills

- Know the basic concepts of family counseling theories and their applications

- Discover the patterns of your children and students

- Realize your ambitions and dreams and highlight your skills and abilities

- Knowledge of therapeutic methods

- How to conduct professional sessions

- The practical and scientific ability to understand the branches of family counseling

- Identifiers of understanding within the family, causes of conflicts, and solutions

- Examples of practical problems and practical application of solutions

- Guidance session template

Targeted Students

  • For social workers.
  • For teachers and educators.
  • For those who are about to get married.
  • For parents.
  • For workers in institutions and associations.
  • For trainers of human development.
  • For the educated community.
  • Those interested in family and childhood affairs.
  • For those working in the consulting field.
  • Anyone who wishes to be an internationally accredited family and educational consultant.
  • Everyone that has a message and motivation for a happy, balanced life
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