How to manage a hospital or a medical center Course

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About the instructor

Dr. Mohammad El-Sheikh
Founder & CEO of Eshfaa for Healthcare services at Egypt, KSA & Qatar International training consultant, certified from AUC & AAST

Dr. Mohammad Elsheikh

-Founder & CEO of Eshfaa for Healthcare services at Egypt, KSA & Qatar

-Co-founder, Shareholder &former CEO & of PaşHakeem

for Digital Integrated Home & On-site Healthcare services at Egypt & KSA

-Shareholder & Former Vice President of Al-Hakeema group for Digital Healthcare services in Africa

-International Training Consultant in Egypt, KSA, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Malaysia & USA,

Specialized in Management, leadership, Total Quality Management and training of trainers (TOT), specially for Healthcare professionals.

- Training Consultant at (Brooklyn Business School) Egypt, branch of (Brooklyn Institute - USA),

Director of Healthcare Management department at Brooklyn Business School,

Entrepreneurship Consultant at (Brooklyn incubator).

- Training Consultant at (Apex Dubai - UAE)

- Healthcare Training Consultant at (Bright Top Academy - KSA), (Ethraa Eltamayoz - KSA) & (KLD - KSA).

- Healthcare Training consultant at (Kama Group - Oman).

-Healthcare Management Training Consultant at American Institute for Medical Sciences (AIMSM) at USA.

-Healthcare Quality Consultant at American Institute for Healthcare Management (AMIHM) at USA for MENA

- Hospital Management Diploma (Mansoura University)

- Total Quality Management Diploma in Healthcare Organizations (TQMD - AUC)

- Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality (CPHQ - NAHQ)

- Certified Lead Auditor ISO 9001/2015, Accredited by (IRCA - UK)

- Certified Lead Auditor ISO 45001/2018, Accredited by (IRCA - UK)

- Certified Excellence Assessor, Accredited by (AAST).

- Certified Excellence Assessor, Accredited by (Egyptian Planning Ministry).

- Excellence Assessor at Egyptian Governomental Excellence Award (EGEA).

- MBA in Healthcare Management (AAST) current.

- MBA in Marketing, Business Development & Entrepreneurship (Brooklyn Business School - Brooklyn Institute USA)

- Internal Medicine physician (Master Degree - Mansoura University, current)

- PMP Diploma (Expert Academy),

instructor of CHPMP at AIMSM.

- Healthcare Training Consultant at (Yotta medical school).

- Training Consultant at (E3ml Business Academy)

- Training Consultant at (IGTS)

- Healthcare Training Consultant at (Meduo).

& medical education consultant at (Meduo tutor).

- Training Consultant & mentor at (almentor).

- 44 local & International batches of TOT program

- more than 30 batches of Hospital Management programs & diplomas

- more than 7 batches of Quality programs & 13 waves of TQMD/CPHQ programs.

+10 Online courses at different local & international platforms.

You Will Learn

  1. Main Principles and Skills of Hospital Management
  2. Strategic Management, Planning basics & Strategic Planning in Healthcare Management with its different types
  3. Operational Executive Planning in Healthcare Management
  4. 4. Organizational Structure & Administrative Organizations in Healthcare Management
  5. 5. Human Resources Management in Healthcare Organizations
  6. 6. Marketing Management in Healthcare Organizations
  7. 7. Total Quality Management in Healthcare Organizations

Targeted Students

  1. Hospital managers
  2. Owners of medical centers, labs & radiological centers
  3. Doctors who have private clinics or specialized polyclinics
  4. Who wants to learn management of hospitals & medical centers
  5. Entrepreneurs & founders of health startups, healthcare & medical services companies
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