Caricature and Facial Expressions Course

رسم الكاريكاتير من البداية الى الإحتراف

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About the instructor

Sameh Arafa
Concept Artist

Bachelor's degree in fine arts

drawing was my passion since I was a little kid I've been working as an art instructor since 2013

I've worked as a character designer, illustrator and concept artist for many games and tv shows

And I hope that you find in my courses an easy and simple learning route to achieve your dreams in becoming a great artist someday .

Cartoons are an art form that focuses on exaggerating physical features to highlight characteristics or characteristics of a person. They are often used to convey a cynical or critical comment on a person, situation or event.

Throughout history, the art of caricature has been used for many purposes, including entertainment and social and political commentary.It can also be a powerful tool for social change, as it can contribute to drawing attention to important issues in an attractive and easy-to-remember manner.

If you're interested in learning more about cartooning and learning more, here's a course in learning to draw from scratch to becoming a professional with the artist Amr Arafa. Sign up now

You Will Learn

  • Drawing human Facial Expressions
  • Develop a Personal
  • Drawing style
    Exaggeration and caricature
  • Step-by-step application for drawing the face of actor Morgan Freeman

Targeted Students

Those Wishing to Learn to Draw Caricatures and Facial Expressions

Training Program Name As In Certificate

Caricature and Facial Expressions Course

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