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About the instructor

Dr. Mina Kerols
Entrepreneurship trainer Incubation Manager at Cultiv Founder and CEO of TalkStartUp

Dr. Mina Kerols is a writer and lecturer on Entrepreneurship and Venture Building. He is currently the Incubation Program Manager at Cultiv LLC and the Founder and CEO of TalkStartUp.

Dr. Mina has more than 7 years of experience in managing startup companies and designing entrepreneurship and incubation programs. He was selected as one of the influential entrepreneurs in the Middle East by the One Young World Summit in the United Kingdom.

He holds an Entrepreneurship and Digital Innovation Fellowship from Queens University in Canada. He also has a Masters degree in Intellectual Property Rights and Creativity Management from Helwan University.

Dr. Mina has completed several diplomas, including Projects Evaluation and Feasibility Studies from the Faculty of Economics and Political Science at Cairo University, Management and Development of Financial Resources from the Faculty of Economics and Political Science at Cairo University, and Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management from the German University in Cairo.

He is a certified trainer from the National Institute for Governance and Sustainable Development, as well as the International Labor Organization and the Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (TIEC).

Dr. Mina serves as an entrepreneurship and investment management mentor for the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Creativa programs, and many other entities.

He is also a visiting lecturer at the National Planning Institute and various universities, including Cairo University, Zewail University, Technological University, Heliopolis University, Alexandria, Horus, and Menoufia.

The world of entrepreneurship is full of terms that might seem vague at first glance.

But understanding these terms is essential for entrepreneurs looking to succeed.

Examples of such terms include:

  • Startup: A new company that has recently been created and has high potential for growth.
  • An emerging project: a new project characterized by the existence of an innovation or a new idea.
  • Self-financing: Project financing through private entrepreneur funds.
  • Bold finance: The project is financed by investors in exchange for a stake in the company.
  • Business Model: A plan that shows how a project works and how to make a profit.
  • Proposed value: The benefit that the project provides to customers.

Understanding these terms helps entrepreneurs:

  • Writing a strong action plan.
  • Attracting investors.
  • Development of an effective marketing strategy.
  • Measurement and improvement of project performance.
  • Avoid common mistakes in entrepreneurship.

Understanding entrepreneurship is key to success in this area, and knowing these terms helps entrepreneurs turn their ideas into successful ventures.

Let’s start our journey in entrepreneurship by understanding his language!

You Will Learn

Through this course, you will learn:

  1. Entrepreneurship: You will learn the definition of entrepreneurship and its importance. This term includes innovation.
  2. Lean Startup: You will explore the methodology of the Lean startup and how to overcome risks and achieve sustainability for your company.
  3. Minimum Viable Product (MVP): You will learn about the concept of the MVP and how it can be improved before the final launch.
  4. Competitive Advantage, Angel Investor: You will become familiar with factors that attract Investors along with many other terms.

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Entrepreneurship terminologies Course

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