Cosmetic Formulation for Beginners Course

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USD 106
USD 53

About the instructor

Dr. Nermeen Teleb
Co-Founder and Director of NUT Botanicals. Research and Development Manager at The Hair Addict

Hello! I'm Dr.Nermeen Teleb, Co-founder of NUT Botanicals, and Egyptian Startup skincare brand that specializes in dermoceutical products, and the Research and Development Manager at The Hair Addict.


I take pride in formulating over 30 cosmetic products that have been successfully launched in various categories like hair care, skincare, kids products, and body care across the world in USA, Egypt, Europe, and Gulf Countries. My formulations have garnered thousands of happy customers and numerous satisfied clients.


And I’m here to help you create extraordinary products that captivate the market and leave a lasting impression on your customers.

The cosmetic industry is a large and diverse industry with a value of US$538.7 billion in 2022. The industry produces a wide range of products, including makeup, perfumes, skin care products and hair care.

The cosmetic industry is expected to continue to grow in the coming years. The global cosmetic market is expected to reach US$811.1 billion by 2028.

In the cosmetic industry course, you will learn the proper scientific basis for the combinations, their types and how to choose the materials to start making an efficient and distinguished product that will compete in the world markets

You Will Learn

  1. Cosmetics & Formulation Science
  2. Cosmetics formulation according to different regulations
  3. Different trends as seen in global markets
  4. Formula Design: What is a cosmetic formula
  5. Ingredients 101:
  6. Preservatives and Additives
  7. Formulation Sheet Components: How to professionally write your theoretical formula
  8. Applications on Cosmetic Formulation: Cleansers, Moisturizers, Serums, and Oils
  9. Practical videos on how to formulate a simple formula for each type
  10. Cosmetics Stability Tests and Methodologies
  11. How to apply this course in your career.

Targeted Students

Pharmacy, Science, and Chemical engineering students and graduates who desire to begin their career in cosmetic formulation

Individuals who want to start their cosmetic brand

Training Program Name As In Certificate

Cosmetic Formulation for Beginners Course


To prepare for this course, you will need some simple equipment to help you set up your work desk for formulation. You will need a simple notebook and a pen. You will also need some laboratory tools that you can order online like:

4 heat-resistant glass beakers


glass funnel

pH detection strips

 a sensitive scale

 a stovetop

metal spatula

latex gloves

A metal whisk/hand blender

Cosmetic bottles

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