Arabic Calligraphy Improvement Course

دورة تحسين الخط العربي

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( General )

USD 106
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About the instructor

Mohamed El-Zefzaf
Arabic Calligraphy Instructor

Arabic Calligraphy Instructor at Al-Azhar Institutes, Private Schools, and Arabic Calligraphy Improvement Schools

The Arabic calligraphy improvement course is a wonderful opportunity to learn the basics and rules of Arabic calligraphy and to improve personal calligraphy. The course deals with different types of Arabic calligraphy, how to write letters, words, and sentences in a correct and beautiful way. It also includes practical exercises that help participants improve their writing skills.

The Arabic calligraphy improvement course can benefit all people, children and adults, students and staff members.Arabic calligraphy helps improve written expression, increase self-confidence and enhance the ability to concentrate.

Benefits of the Arabic Calligraphy Improvement Course:

  • Learn the basics and rules of Arabic calligraphy.
  • Improve personal handwriting.
  • Improve written expression.
  • Increased self-esteem.
  • Enhance the ability to focus.

    The Arabic calligraphy improvement course is a great opportunity to learn a new skill and improve personal calligraphy.

You Will Learn

The art of Arabic calligraphy and ways to improve handwriting.
The importance of studying handwriting improvement and its close relationship to success in academic and professional life.
The educational goals and objectives of teaching and teaching Arabic calligraphy.
The relationship between Arabic calligraphy and all school subjects for students.
The causes and means of improving handwriting.
The psychological and muscular stages in learning calligraphy.

Targeted Students

Learning the art of Arabic calligraphy is suitable for all ages, young and old, students and graduates, men and women, and children.

Training Program Name As In Certificate

Arabic Calligraphy Improvement Course


  • The importance of having the desire and willingness to learn to improve handwriting:
  • The quality of pens and tools used in writing and learning:
  • Continuity, patience, and perseverance:
  • Teacher's follow-up and review of what is written and correcting and correcting errors:
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