The negative inner voice Course

دورة الصوت الداخلي السلبي

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USD 106
USD 53

About the instructor

Dr. Shimaa Samir
Sports Psychologist

Dr. Shimaa Samir

PhD in Psychological Stress

Master degree in Attention

Certified Trainer from the Unicef and the Ministry of Youth & Sports

+ 10 years Expertise in the field of soft skills training

+ 2,800 training hours

+ 4,000 Trainee

Dedicated to support individuals attain to the best version of themselves through continues development.

Will help you how tame your mentality and how to recognize your thoughts and adequately convert them to positive though

You Will Learn

Increasing self-awareness and recognizing one's capabilities, along with awareness of the surrounding reality, enables one to respond quickly and effectively with simple words that counteract the influence of these negative voices. This allows for the development of the ability to make correct decisions swiftly through life's situations, God willing.

Targeted Students

Individuals who possess high analytical abilities, excessive sensitivity, suffer from overthinking, or are hesitant in decision-making.

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The negative inner voice Course

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