Positive learning and education Course (Level 2)

دورة التعلم و التربية الايجابية (المستوي الثاني)

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USD 106
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About the instructor

Dr. Iman Al-Sharkawy
Educational consultant -PhD in Education, Cairo University

She worked as an educational consultant for CARE International Egypt

Owner of the idea and director of the educational parkProducer and presenter of a safe and different academic year podcast

Producer and presenter of the YouTube program, Education Lantern

Lecturer in many clubs, Al-Ahly Al-Said, Madinaty

The Positive Education and Learning Course is a training course on the concept of positive education and its application in learning and education, which aims to provide participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to apply positive education in their personal and working lives.

A positive parenting course is a useful training course for all groups who want to learn how to apply positive parenting in their personal and work lives.

Here are some benefits that can be realized through the course:

  • Develop effective communication skills.
  • Promote self-confidence and independence among learners.
  • Improve behavior and reduce negative behaviors.
  • Improve academic achievement and increase learners' motivation to learn.

You Will Learn

  • The learner who completes this program will have a better understanding of the breadth of learning domains and methods in education
  • Recognize that learning has many methods that are not addressed by positive education.
  • Understand the processes underlying learning.
  • Know the conditions for learning.
  • Distinguish between learning in education and education in positive education.

Targeted Students

  1. Teachers

  2. Educational specialists and interpreters

  3. Parents

Training Program Name As In Certificate

Positive learning and education Course

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