E-marketing from scratch to professionalism Course

دورة التسويق الالكتروني من الصفر للاحتراف

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USD 106
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About the instructor

Amr Abd El-Hakiem
Marketing trainer and business developer

A marketing coach and business developer, I have over 10 years of experience in a variety of sectors including technology, education, restaurants, personal marketing, e-commerce, civil society and health.


I help businesses achieve success and growth by offering a comprehensive range of services, including:


- Developing and implementing effective marketing strategies: I have extensive experience in the fields of digital marketing, social media marketing, and content marketing. I was able to achieve a sales increase of up to 20% in one company, and an increase in funding of up to 50% in a startup

- Creating and managing training programs: I designed and implemented successful training programs to develop marketing and business development skills.

- Providing strategic consultations: I provide consultations to companies on improving their marketing strategies and developing their business.


- I have trained more than 50 hours of training

- Certified trainer from the National Training Center

- Trainer at the Tourism and Electronic Marketing Foundation (Italy)

- I hold the position of Executive Director at ODS Company for Training, Marketing and Business Development.

- I worked with more than 80 clients and companies inside and outside Egypt

- Institutional Communication and Development Officer, Egyptian Environmental ainelbeeah

You Will Learn

The necessary basics of electronic marketing and understanding the basics of the digital market.

How to choose appropriate digital channels and apply e-marketing tools effectively.

Online brand building strategies and applying best practices to increase brand awareness.

Analyze data and measure the performance of electronic marketing campaigns to achieve maximum value from investments

Launching the first electronic campaign

Learning designs - content writing - SEO (search engines) - email marketing - writing articles - searching for keywords

Targeted Students

1- University student

2- Employer

3- Decision maker

Training Program Name As In Certificate

E-marketing from scratch to professionalism Course


Practice and experiment on your own

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