Healthcare Risk Management course

دورة اداره المخاطر بالقطاع الصحي

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USD 94
USD 47

About the instructor

د. عبد الله ابراهيم
Healthcare Accreditation Consultant

Dr. Abdalla Ibrahim is the Managing Director of Smart Management Consultancy, Holder
of three master’s degrees one in medicine, second in health, and third in Business & he has specialized in Healthcare Quality Accreditation, Healthcare management,

Corporate Social Responsibility, Quality Management, Medical Practice, and Patient Management, Building Capacity and Personal Development.

 Additionally, he worked as an Adjunct Business Faculty (Assistant Professor) to Geneva Business School, KSA-Campus for Master of Healthcare Management and MBA in Riyadh, Jeddah, Khobar, and Bahrain destinations.

Targeted Students

  • All health practitioners

You Will Learn

  • What does risk mean?
  • Risk management strategy
  • Risk management methods
  • Create a risk management context
  • Define risk
  • Risk analysis
  • Types of risk
  • Risk management framework
  • Failure mode and impact analysis
  • Risk Logger Framework
  • Example of a risk logger

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