Banking Risk Management According to Basel Regulations Course

دورة ادارة المخاطر المالية في البنوك

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USD 106
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About the instructor

Ahmed Shawky
Certified risk manager American academy of financial management

Over 21 years of extensive experience – Deputy General Manager of Risks at one of the largest Egyptian banks – Assistant Professor at the Islamic University in Minnesota, USA, with branches in Senegal and Mauritania – Accredited Director in the Academic Risk Management Department of the American Academy of Financial Management – Advisory Board Member for the Egypt Center for Economic and Strategic Studies.

You Will Learn

• Identifying the nature of risks surrounding banking operations and distinguishing between the types of risks that banks face.

• Managing risks in banks, including the stages involved and determining the acceptable level of risks.

• Applying appropriate tools for risk management in banks in accordance with Basel Committee regulations.

• Determining techniques and procedures for measuring risks in banks.

• Understanding the components of the Capital Adequacy Ratio (CAR) standard necessary for addressing risks and how to implement it.

Targeted Students

  • Managers and officials of various risk management departments.

  • Financial controllers and internal and external auditors.

  • Employees in finance and banking operations departments.

  • Employees in investment and treasury departments.

Training Program Name As In Certificate

Banking Risk Management According to Basel Regulations Course


  • Foundations of banking operations.

  • Fundamentals of credit and investment.

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