Medical Secretary Diploma

دبلوم السكرتارية الطبية

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USD 261
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About the instructor

Dr. Abdel Fattah Mahmoud
Lecturer in management
  • Lecturer and Consultant in Quality, Environment, Safety and Health Management Systems and their Applications
  • ISO 9001, 14001, 17025 and 45001
  • Lean Manufacturing, Re-engineering, Recycling, Environmental Science, Digital Transformation, Institutional Excellence and Innovation, Health Care Facility and Health Care Management
  • Lecturer in those fields and some other administrative fields
  • Master of Science in Quality Management in 2011
  • Master of Science in Environmental Sciences in 2015
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Environmental Sciences in 2019
  • He has received many technical and administrative courses and gained many experiences in the fields of environment, quality, chemicals industry, building materials and training

Medical secretaries are specialties that focus on providing administrative support and office assistance to physicians and patients in medical institutions, such as hospitals, clinics and medical centers. Medical secretaries play an important role in ensuring the smooth and efficient conduct of medical operations.

You Will Learn

  • Interviewing patients to fill out the required forms, such as
    medical history, insurance forms, and others

  • Gain practical experience and fieldwork

  • Receiving messages and phone calls and directing them to the responsible person

  • Reviewing medical reports and correcting errors they may contain

  • Gain interpersonal skills

  • Receiving patients and their families

  • Providing the clinic with medical supplies

  • Processing incoming mail, photos, and scheduling the direct manager's appointments

  • Surgical recording

  • Receive messages and calls and collect and maintain medical records

  • Preparing account statements and writing medical reports

Training Program Name as in Certificate

Medical Secretary Diploma

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