Social Media Designs Course

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USD 105
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About the instructor

Tarek Mohamed Mahmoud
Adobe Certified Professional - Graphic Design Instructor

A graphic design teacher with more than 10 years of experience and a senior graphic designer at the Faculty of Engineering, Helwan University

Graphic diploma lecturer with more than 10 years of experience

An independent graphic trainer in the Arab Administrative Development Organization (ARADO), affiliated to the League of Arab States

Social media graphic design trainer at IMP Academy (Institute of Management Professional)

Graphic design is an art discipline that focuses on creating and designing visual objects using different techniques and tools to communicate with and convey messages to audiences. Social media design is a branch of graphic design, which focuses on the design of visual content posted on social media. Also, Social Media Design is in high demand in the job market, where many companies and individuals are looking for graphic designers able to create compelling, engaging, visual content on social media. So the Social Media Design Course is a good opportunity for those who want to get a job in this industry.

You Will Learn

you will learn how to implement creative designs in an academic way based on design principles and how to choose colors correctly based on learning the rules of colors and color theory

Targeted Students

1- Specialist in Digital Marketing

2- Interested in designing social media ads

3- For beginners to increase the skill of thinking and implementation in a professional manner

4- For those interested in learning in a professional academic way the foundations and principles of design

5- To study color theory in an academic way

Training Program Name As In Certificate

Social Media Designs Course

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