Financial Lists Analysis Course

تحليل القوائم المالية

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USD 67
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About the instructor

Dr. Mohamed Morsy
Financial Controller (Acting as a CFO)

DR. Mohamed Morsy is a graduate of the faculty of Commerce, Cairo University in the year 2006. Since his graduation, he has dedicated his passion to both academic and practical work.

Mr. Morsy has an extensive career experience of more than 15 years, which is mainly comprised of working in the industries of Oil & Gas and Petrochemicals. Mr. Morsy successfully managed multiple roles and held several tasks, such as: liaising with financial advisors to finance projects, participating in client due diligence, tax advisory role, cost restructuring, and others. It is worth mentioning that during this period Mr. Morsy had held professional and academic degrees such as CMA, MBA, FMVA, and ACCA (Advanced diploma). He also conducted several training programs via reputable organizations (e.g. RITI, Petroleum Air Service Co. (PAS), Misr International University-MIU, Egypt japan university of science and technology, The Greek Campus, etc.). Furthermore, he joined, voluntarily, the IMA Cairo chapter as a board member during 2016-2017.

Targeted Students


  • A company owner
  • Someone who's thinking of setting up a company.
  • Company manager, department manager in a company, employee of a company
  • Junior accountant

You Will Learn


  • A full explanation of the tools of financial analysis (horizontal and vertical analysis).
  • A detailed explanation of the characteristics of financial analysis (liquidity, profitability, and activity).
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