Clinical Nutrition Professional Master

ماجستير التغذية العلاجية المهني

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USD 700
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About IGTS

Since the launch of IGTS in 2015, the main objective has been to support training and qualification in the health sector in its various categories. The group has thus sought to provide scientific and practical expertise from the largest medical experts in the Arab world, who we were honored to be part of the IGTS family. As a result of the success achieved by the group, we have focused on expanding in areas no less important than the health sector. Among these are business management - education and guidance - mental health - human resources - and others, more that are commensurate with the needs of human cadres and with the quality of learning that is a major start for every aspiration to receive science and self-development. The most important element of the IGTS strategy was the contracting of a group of experts, all of the members of teaching bodies in the largest Arab universities in all specialties, who believed in the science they provided and sought to research and develop it, in order to transfer the greatest amount of it to the student and make it most useful, through a flexible distance-learning method and in direct contact with the lecturer.

The Master of Therapeutic Nutrition is a specialized study program that aims to equip students with the skills needed to practice therapeutic nutrition. The program includes a study on the basics of nutrition and health, as well as the applications of nutrition in treating various diseases.

Therapeutic Nutrition specialization has a promising future, with a growing demand for therapeutic dietitians in various health sectors, including hospitals, clinics, medical centers, and educational and research institutions.

Employment opportunities for therapeutic dietitians include:

  • Working in hospitals and clinics to provide nutritional advice to patients
  • Work in primary health care centers to provide nutritional advice to individuals and families
  • Work in education and food research
  • Food marketing work
  • Work in the food industry

Thus, the Master of Therapeutic Nutrition is a study program that provides students with an opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge in the field of therapeutic nutrition and to build a promising future in this field.

You Will Learn

  • Athletes Nutrition Course Content
  • Obesity course content
  • The content of the specialized therapeutic nutrition course
  • Content of the complete parenteral nutrition course
  • Nutrition Basics
  • Metabolism, fats, and carbohydrates
  • Obesity, underweight, and diet planning
  • Food alternatives and methods for calculating daily energy
  • Nutrition of diabetics

Targeted Students

  • Students and graduates of colleges of physical Therapy
  • Those interested in working in the health club field Gym
  • Interested in working in the field of sports training and fitness
  • Those who want to work in the field of nutrition for athletes
  • Those who want to work in the field of nutrition in general
This is a professional program in clinical nutrition

Training Program Name as in Certificate

Clinical Nutrition Professional Master

Training Program Name As In Certificate


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  • Colored passport photo

  • A copy of the academic qualification

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Dr. Asmaa El-Gendy
Therapeutic Nutritionist
Dr. Omar Adel Farag
Nutrition specialist for the 1st football team of Zamalek SC
Dr. Emad Mahrous
Therapeutic Nutritionist
Dr. Niveen Ahmed Elsayyad
Clinical Nutritionist and Obesity Management Specialist
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