Design Thinking for Entrepreneurs Course

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About the instructor

Dr. Mina Kerols
Entrepreneurship trainer Incubation Manager at Cultiv Founder and CEO of TalkStartUp

Dr. Mina Kerols is a writer and lecturer on Entrepreneurship and Venture Building. He is currently the Incubation Program Manager at Cultiv LLC and the Founder and CEO of TalkStartUp.

Dr. Mina has more than 7 years of experience in managing startup companies and designing entrepreneurship and incubation programs. He was selected as one of the influential entrepreneurs in the Middle East by the One Young World Summit in the United Kingdom.

He holds an Entrepreneurship and Digital Innovation Fellowship from Queens University in Canada. He also has a Masters degree in Intellectual Property Rights and Creativity Management from Helwan University.

Dr. Mina has completed several diplomas, including Projects Evaluation and Feasibility Studies from the Faculty of Economics and Political Science at Cairo University, Management and Development of Financial Resources from the Faculty of Economics and Political Science at Cairo University, and Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management from the German University in Cairo.

He is a certified trainer from the National Institute for Governance and Sustainable Development, as well as the International Labor Organization and the Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (TIEC).

Dr. Mina serves as an entrepreneurship and investment management mentor for the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Creativa programs, and many other entities.

He is also a visiting lecturer at the National Planning Institute and various universities, including Cairo University, Zewail University, Technological University, Heliopolis University, Alexandria, Horus, and Menoufia.

Design thinking is an innovative approach to problem solving that focuses on understanding user needs and developing solutions that address those needs.

Design thinking depends on five major phases:

Empathy: Understanding users' needs, experiences and feelings.
Definition: Clearly define the problem to be solved.
Thinking: Generating creative ideas to solve the problem.
Prototype: Create prototypes for testing and evaluating ideas.
Testing: Test prototypes with users and get feedback.

Design thinking can be used in various areas, including:

Product Design: Develop new products to meet your users' needs.
Design services: Improve existing services or develop new ones.
Solving social problems: Finding creative solutions to social challenges.
Business development: Improving business processes and increasing innovation.

Design thinking features:

Focuses on user needs: Helps develop solutions that effectively address user needs.
Encourages creativity: Helps generate new ideas and creative solutions to problems.
Promotes collaboration: Encourages teamwork and collaboration among different teams.
Helps test ideas: Helps test and evaluate ideas before they're widely applied.

In this course we will talk about design thinking for entrepreneurs to understand how to develop a project, solve problems and design a product or service for a project

You Will Learn

Why you should join:

  1. Enhance Creativity and Innovation: You will acquire design thinking skills that enhance creativity and open your mind to new and innovative ideas.

  2. Improve User Experience: You will learn how to put the user at the center of design, ensuring the delivery of exceptional experiences for your target audience.

  3. Increase Solution Effectiveness: You will learn how to design effective solutions for complex problems using design thinking methodologies.

  4. Achieve Competitive Excellence: You will understand the five stages of design thinking and how to execute each stage effectively. Additionally, you will learn how to understand and empathize with the needs of the target audience and meet those needs.

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Fresh graduates - Students


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Design Thinking for Entrepreneurs Course

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