Children Anxiety & Psychological Trauma Course

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USD 106
USD 32

About the instructor

Dr. Heba Hamdy
Child Psychiatrist

Dr. Heba specialized in child psychiatrists, special needs, and pediatrics. Holds Master's degree in pediatrics and neonatology and qualifies for a Ph.D. degree in child studies from Ain Shams University. Has diplomas and courses in art therapy, projective tests, BT, CBT, and Montessori  from Arab Institute of Mental health, Ain Shams University

Good mental health is one of the most important factors that contribute to growth and health education for all children. They are always in urgent need of mental health and safety in order to form good relationships and relationships with other human beings, which will have a great impact in giving them the ability to deal with all the difficulties and challenges that they may face in life. Promoting the mental health of the child has a profound effect on providing them with a sense of satisfaction towards themselves and contributes significantly to giving them self-confidence. It is also an important way to modify their behavior.

You Will Learn

  • The ability to diagnose anxiety and PTSD easily and efficiently.
  • Mastering CBT for anxiety and PTSD.
  • The ability to design a detailed plans for child and parent.
  • Training on basics of Character building programs for children.
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Children Anxiety & Psychological Trauma

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