Medical Coding and Transcription Course

دورة الترميز الطبي - Medical Coding

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USD 105
USD 53

About the instructor

Moustafa El-Esseily
Senior Consultant

Moustafa Ali, MSc in Informatics, PhD in AI, Senior Consultant for ICT in Various Industries


Top Skills:

- Effective Communication

- Public Speaking Confidence

- Ethisches Führungsverhalten


- Englisch (Native or Bilingual)

- Deutsch (Full Professional)


- IHK UnternehmerSchule Rottal-Inn

- Generative AI at SAP

- Die Blockchain-Revolution: Use Cases, Governance und rechtliche Fallstricke

- MedTech: Cognitive Processes and AI Technology/Application of Machine Learning Algorithms

- Configuration Management


- "Moustafa Ali’s protocol: An integrative approach for health promotion and safe application."

- "The Orientation Of physicians about eHealth was never created the same."

- "Exploring the physiological reactions to cupping treatment applying Moustafa Ali’s Protocol, a pilot study of the impact of cupping therapy on pathological semen parameters in male infertility."


Dynamic and Innovative Multicultural Professional with a background in medicine, informatics, and management consulting. Passionate about leveraging technology and sustainable practices to drive positive change, foster partnerships, and promote the advancement of digital transformation.

Professional Summary:

- Pioneer in Informatics

- Multiculturalism Savvy

- Dynamic and innovative individual with a background in Engineering, Medical industry, Informatics, and Management Consulting.

- Eager to excel at utilizing technology and data to improve processes and drive efficiency in various organizations.

- Proficient in understanding the languages of doctors, engineers, and managers.

Key Skills:

- Performance and training

- Digital Transformation Leadership

- Sustainable Business Growth strategist

- Research & Analysis

- Software Development

- General Management

- Collaborative Team Player

- Developer of sustainable Business Acumen


- Senior Information Technology Advisor at [Company], Houston, Texas, United States

- Founder at PQW® IT Management Consulting, Bavaria, Germany

- CTO & Co-Founder at SanaWe, Germany

- ICT-Berater at Yas Clinic Group, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

- Senior System Analyst at Cerner Corporation, Berlin, Germany

- Research Grant Director at Hanze Merkure Zentrum Fur TCM, Hamburg, Germany


- Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Informatics, Deggendorf Institute of Technology

- Mini Master of Business Administration in Business Administration, Management, and Operations, Pricewaterhouse and Coopers's ACADEMY

- Master's Degree foundation in Communication and diplomacy, American University in the Emirates

Medical coding is the process of converting medical information into digital or alphabetical symbols that can be used to record, process, and process medical services.Medical coding is used in many medical industries, including hospitals, clinics, and health insurance companies.

The medical coding course is intended to provide participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to understand and apply a medical coding system.

  • Medical coding principles: Participants in this unit learn basic principles of medical coding, such as classification of diseases and medical procedures.
  • Medical terms: Participants in this unit learn common medical terms.
  • Diagnostic and therapeutic systems: Participants in this unit learn how to implement medical diagnosis and treatment systems.
  • Professional practice: Participants in this unit learn professional rules and standards for medical coding.

The Medical Coding Course helps participants develop medical coding skills effectively, providing medical information needed to improve the quality of health care.

You Will Learn


1.Difference between Medical Transcription & Medical

2.What are medical billing and coding?

3.What is medical transcription?

4.Practice Process in medical transcription
5.Medical Records Conversion Skills, For Medical

6.Practice Skills for Medical Coders

7.Practice process to avoid Coding and billing errors


1.Difference between CPT & HCPCS codes

2.CPT Codes in billing Physician services

3.Hands on Practice Case on Cat.3 CPT Coding for Billing
and Quality assurance

4.Types and Modifiers of CPT codes

5.HCPCS Codes

6.Levels of HCPCS codes

7.Billing tips for maximized reimbursements: (what is

8.Common medical coding errors

8.Note....and Avoid Rejections/Denials

1.Analysis Phase for Developing the Ideal RCM software

2.Defining instances and Relations While developing the
RCM Software

3.Standard medical billing process

Targeted Students

1-Pple from Medical and healthcare Backgrounds
2-Pple from Engineering Backgrouds especially ICT

3-Pple interested in beginning a medical transcription job
4-Pple with interest to work as assistants for digital documentation of doctor-patient encounters

5-Medical Students

6-ICT Students

7-Undergraduate students

Training Program Name As In Certificate

Medical Coding and Transcription Course

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