Autism Disorder

اضطراب طيف التوحد

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About the instructor

Dr. Shewikar El Bakry
Professor of Psychiatry

Graduated from the Benha Faculty of Medicine in 1992.
Received a Masters's degree in Psychiatry in 1994.
Received my M.D in 2005.
Became a Professor of Psychiatry in 2019.
Consultant of Paediatric psychiatry in Abo El Azayem Mental Hospitals.
Consultant of Psychiatry at Al Dorrah hospital.

You Will Learn

  • The ability to understand what is ASD.
  • The ability to understand the new categorical system.
  • Have an idea about the history of autism.
  • Clarify the warning signs.
  • Understand the different causes of the disorder.
  • Detect the symptoms and find out the signs of the disorder.
  • Differentiate between ASD and other disorders and mental illness.
  • Conduct a treatment plan.
  • Understand the different medical treatments and the effects and side effects of the medications.
  • Have a brief idea about occupational therapy, the education process, and behavioral modification.

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