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Medical training is our passion and focus in IGTS Medical Department, through which we seek to convey the useful knowledge and accumulated experiences of our highly qualified team of instructors with abundant experience, and we are distinguished in the IGTS Medical Department by the dynamism and flexibility of training plans for the various groups benefiting from our services and we are working to develop and harness the best possible resources to produce our programs and courses to learners and trainees. Our slogan in IGTS (Learning with Quality You Deserve), because education is important, so we must deliver this concept to our clients and trainees, along with obtaining their satisfaction and trust.

Address: 6th of October City, 10ths District, El Mehwar El Khadamy, In front of Silver Mall

Canada branch: 611-58 bay shore dr, nepean, ontario, k2b 6m9

Uk branch: 7,Wall street Liver pool , England , L18JQ


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