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Operations and Production Management

دراسة وإدارة الإنتاج والعملیات  هي جزء لا یتجزأ من الوظائف المتكاملة في منظمات الأعمال واللازمة لتحويل المدخلات من موارد مالية ومادية وبشرية الي منتجات او خدمات لتحقيق اهداف المنظمة من جهه وتلبية رغبات العملاء ورضاهم من جهه اخري

Created at: 2022-07-20
Updated at: 2022-11-26

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Organizational Behavior

Created at: 2022-06-06
Updated at: 2022-11-26

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Content Writing Diploma

How to write exclusive content, that ranks on Google search engine result pages.A content writing course is a course that qualifies you to start working as a content writer on different social media platforms.To be responsible for marketing products & brands by using content.

Created at: 2022-05-12
Updated at: 2022-11-26

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MBA Master of Business Administration

An MBA helps with career advancement, as some people may find themselves at a certain level in their careers, so they need something new to reach higher positions in management, and an MBA can add specific business skills such as leadership and strategic thinking that will be a tremendous force  The program certificate aims to give the learner the ability to generally understand the basics of business administration except for the technical aspect. The stu...

Created at: 2022-05-09
Updated at: 2022-11-26

USD 1,000
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Customer Service Diploma

Our Customer Service Skills Training the program teaches a team of customer service members the ability to recognize client behavioral styles, deal with customer’s emotions and fears, and respond according to their individual needs

Created at: 2022-04-10
Updated at: 2022-11-26

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Executive Secretary & Office Management

Secretarial and office management is considered one of the important jobs in our world now due to the speed of global performance and the large number of requirements that must be dealt with quickly by decision-makers. The effectiveness of office management demonstrates the ability of the institution or company to interact with all variables in an orderly manner while linking all its departments to each other

Created at: 2022-03-27
Updated at: 2022-11-26

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Successful Startup

The term entrepreneur that we know now exists in our lives many years ago but by another name is the self-made person so no matter how different the names and definitions of the entrepreneur, the essence is one, and that is who can turn the idea into an opportunity and then into a project that leads him to success, and he is the person who creates a free work characterized by creativity and risk. Pioneering offers from entrepreneurs create new jobs, can have a cascading impact on the ...

Created at: 2022-03-10
Updated at: 2022-11-26

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ISO Standards and Organization Accreditation

كورس مصغر يشرح معايير الأيزو القديمة والحديثة والمتخصصة وكيفية الحصول على الإعتماد المؤسسى والحصول على شهادات الجودة .

Created at: 2022-03-01
Updated at: 2022-11-26

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