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Subscription Courses ,Digital Transformation ,Scientific Research ,Media Production ,Interactive E-Books ,Animation And Motoin Graphics

Subscription Courses

With just one subscription, you can enjoy more than 400 courses in various fields . and enjoy all the new rewards in addition to the platform.

Digital transformation

  • ELMs development
  • ELMs design
  • ELMs maintenance
  • ELMs customization
  • Subscribed modules
  • Content & in- structural design
  • Recording sessions

Scientific Research

1- Research support services: Thesis writing, manuscript writing, manuscript revision, English proofreading, grammatical correction, statistical analysis, journals selection, publishing support, manuscript submission and followup, Plagiarism detection, research analytics training, publishing and writing training, statistical analysis training.

2- Medical and Scientific Office services Products identity design, professionally detailed medical content of products, brochures development and design, pamphlets development, consumers' message development and design, medical training for products managers, trade and sales team, pharmacovigilance, health technology assessment solutions.

Media Production

  • Courses Videos
  • Training Videos
  • Documentary Videos
  • Motion Graphics Videos
  • Studio Services
  • Editing Services


We produce e-books that are engaging both mentally and physically for readers as they flow from one page to another. That is achieved through adding photos, infographics, shortcuts, videos and many other elements alongside the text. Our interactive e-books can be downloaded to all devices with different operating systems such as, IOS and Android.

Animation And Motoin

Using a combination of animated visuals, infographics and text within the learning materials or videos, and this versatile approach is followed to create a variety of learning experiences through micro-learning bites. In addition, learning concepts are explained using stories and scenarios to become easier to understand and engage with. The interactive visuals we present are sharp and creative ensuring effective learning outcomes.


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